Do you enjoy stories that keep you on the edge of your seat, encourage your heart, and make you laugh? How about those cowboys with rugged good looks? And maybe the women who know their minds and aren’t afraid to speak them (with tact of course)? Well, then it’s my hope you find what you’re looking for in my stories.

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Crystal L Barnes


A great, high-action Texas story. Loved the romance and the bits of humor and western twang woven through it. If you enjoy historical westerns, you’ll love this one! [Regarding Win, Love, or Draw]

Misty M. Beller, author of the Mountain Dreams Series

Love lost, love regained, forgiveness, regrets, second chances. . .these are all themes in Win, Love, or Draw, a solid debut novel from Texas native Crystal Barnes. Throw in a few villains, heroes, and even a feisty gun-totin’ female and you’ve got the perfect setup for a heart-pounding adventure balanced with beautifully timed moments of comedic relief. This delightful historical offers readers an exciting read, and more than enough romantic tension to keep em hangin’ on for the ride. Highly recommended!

Janice Thompson, author of Mismatched in Texas