About Me

Thanks for stoppin’ by to get to know a little more about me. I’m a born-n-raised Texan (and proud of it!), living in the abundant tree-filled area of the Piney Woods. Having been through my fair share of difficulties and trials, I’ve come to realize there’s nothing like finding your calling in life and running toward the goal God has placed in front of you. That goal—to be a light in the darkness. One path for me to do this—writing faith-filled fiction. I’ve come to really enjoy the experience of taking a story God has birthed in my spirit and putting it on paper (or should I say computer—my hand might not hold up to 300+ pages 🙂 ).

As a country girl, I can butcher sentences and grammar with the best of them (a handy thing when you’re writing a historical set in the west). And by the grace of God, I can still write with proper English. I love how God knows just what to equip us with to make us effective for His kingdom. If you are a servant of Christ, I hope my writing draws you to a closer walk with Him or gives you the courage to keep walking (or crawling if need be). If you’ve never met Christ or you’re trying to forget you’ve met Him, I hope my writing invites you to know Him in a personal way. Here’s to pages full of fun, faith, and friction!


Best-selling author, born-n-raised Texan, and member of American Christian Fiction Writers, Crystal L Barnes is the culprit behind the Marriage & Mayhem series and more. Accused of being quite the character at times, Crystal has performed in several plays, loves to sing Southern Gospel, and contributes to her church’s worship team on a regular basis. When she’s not writing, reading, or singing, Crystal enjoys exploring on road-trips, spending time with family, and watching old movies/sitcoms. I Love Lucy and Little House on the Prairie are two of her favorites.

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