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Included in this collection:

Husband Hunting (A Crystal Falls Novella)

Roxie Montgomery is too wild for her own good, or so her father thinks. Determined to protect her from herself, he demands she settle down and find a husband or he’ll find one for her. However, Roxie’s lack of domestic skills make the task easier said than done.

Texas rancher, Garrett Husband has been sitting on a secret for years, but that might have to change if he wants to keep his childhood friend from marrying another man. When her choice becomes apparent, will he cave to her decision or do the unthinkable to make her hunt him instead?

Originally released as an award-winning short story, Husband Hunting is now more than quadruple the length and packed with more laughter and romance than before. Enjoy this companion novella to the exciting inspirational western romance Love, Stock, and Barrel (Marriage & Mayhem, Book 2).

Signed, Sealed, & Delighted (Marriage & Mayhem, Prequel Novella)

Her father’s dying wish changes everything…

After years of working in the Cater Springs’ clinic, Sarah Asher never planned on marriage. However, she neglected to mention that to her pa. Determined to fulfill his dying wish, despite her well-informed fears, Sarah marries Joseph Matthews but only after a few signed and sealed promises. One in particular-he can kiss any dreams of sharing a room with her goodbye.

Joe has never had any luck with woman, and marriage doesn’t seem prone to change that. Sarah might be a handsome filly and his only ticket to inheriting the ranch promised him, but she’s pricklier than a barrel cactus and more temperamental than a Texas tornado. Keeping his distance from her should be easy. Only it isn’t. The beautiful woman attracts trouble and constantly requires saving, putting her well within arms’ reach.

Will signed promises seal their fate to a loveless marriage, or can Sarah move past her fears to find a love worth delighting in?

(Originally released as “Let’s Make a Deal”, Signed, Sealed, & Delighted is more than double the length and packed with even more fun, faith, and friction than before.)

Win, Love, or Draw (Marriage & Mayhem, Book 1)

Catherine McGarrett is a strong woman. Life in Texas demands such. For five years, she has built a growing horse ranch while praying for the return of the one man who stole her heart and shattered it in a million pieces when he left.

Now he’s back.

Samuel McGarrett rides into Cater Springs, Texas toting two six-shooters and too many scars. The trouble and pain from the past erupts around the couple. And not just in their marriage.

Can Sam win Catherine’s trust? Will their love survive? Or will his final draw be his last?

Love, Stock, & Barrel (Marriage & Mayhem, Book 2)

Hiding from a rat of a fiancé, Dinah Lexington makes tracks for Texas and who she hopes is her late mother’s relative. She’s seeking answers but finds more than she bargains for when she gets caught in a shotgun wedding—with the rifle pointed at her.

Russell Cahill can’t believe his father is demanding he marry the feisty redhead. The sharpshooting female would only add to his troubles, but how does one argue with a gun and an attraction he’s fought to ignore?

Sparks fly. Secrets surface. Loss threatens.

Will a dream for love shatter forever, or will the pair find a marriage worth lock, stock, and barrel?

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